O'Neill Online Week

Past Projects

O'Neill Online students, in conjunction with the Indiana University Center for Rural Engagement, partnered with Orange County, Indiana nonprofit HandUp OC to find ways to improve quality of life for the residents of Orange County. 

O'Neill Online Week 2019 students present their report

O'Neill Online in conjunction with the Indiana University Center for Rural Engagement partnered with service providers in Greene County, Indiana to produce resources necessary for counties to advance local initiatives designed to reduce opioid and other drug addiction. The project was conducted with Greene County with the hopes that results can be replicated in other nearby counties.

SPEA Connect Week 2018 description


O'Neill Online Week students worked as consultants with Space Science Insititute to develop plans for implementation of future programs through central and southern Indiana, as well as future plans for expansion of their physical space on the observatory site. This project touched on many topics of interest to O'Neill Online students, including management of public and nonprofit resources, project planning, financial planning, scientific policy, and others.

Connect Week 2017 Discussion

The O'Neill Online Team developed four categories of solutions for NSA Crane that would foster compatible land development while maintaining its status as a “good neighbor”: community engagement solutions, transportation solutions, land use solutions, and research and development solutions. For each category of solutions, the team identified benefits, stakeholders involved, possible threats to implementation, and ways to mitigate those threats.
2016 crane discussion

O'Neill Online students developed reccommendations for Timmy Global Heatlh focused on establishing lifelong donor relationships, communicating proactively with new audiences, increasing their donor retention rate, and a comprehensive reivew of the organization's current communication plan to enhance the relationships with current donors.

O'Neill Online students conducted an analysis of the process used to award the Indianapolis Prize for animal conservation. The O'Neill Team quickly came to appreciate the dynamic and enterprising nature of the Indianapolis Zoo, its conservation program and its leadership. The Indianapolis Prize, while prestigious and highly coveted, poses challenges to zoo resources, identity and mission.

O'Neill Online students studied alternative funding mechanisms for the State of Indiana to complete the Interstate 69 project to connect Evansville, Indiana and Indianapolis, Indiana.

O'Neill Online Week overview

  • Earn three credits (some coursework will be required before and after the in-residence week)
  • Meet with your advisor to discuss your progress in the O'Neill Online MPA program
  • All activities, meals and hotel accommodations are covered by tuition
  • Network with fellow students, faculty, staff, and O'Neill alumni
  • Meet with staff from O'Neill's Career Hub
  • Experience life on one of the country’s most beautiful college campuses

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