Meet Our Alumni

A Network of Leaders for the Greater Good

O’Neill alumni live and work all over the world. Learn more about members of our Alumni Leadership Network and how the O’Neill Online program has advanced their careers. 


Alex Massengale


San Francisco

"The best thing about the program is its flexibility. I was able to change jobs, and move to a new city in the middle of a school term."

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Amy Carter


New Palestine, Indiana

“I have a goal from 2013 on my bulletin board that says, ‘Work in public policy.’ Without O’Neill Online, that wouldn’t be a reality.”

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Chris Jackson


Lansing, Michigan

“O’Neill Online provides you substantial resources and opportunities to grow as a professional as well as build your network of connections.”

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Gwen Cooper


Milltown, Indiana

“Real life experiences are invaluable for this degree. Take what you’re learning and volunteer with organizations to apply your new knowledge.”

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Joe Deegan



“The MPA helped me demonstrate competencies that my employers wanted when I switched careers.”

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Melissa Baer



“Take advantage of O’Neill Online Week. It is a great way to build connections and have a community within the online program.”

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