Meet Current Students

Lead for the Greater Good, Wherever You Are

O’Neill Online students live and work all over the world. Learn more about our current O’Neill Online student ambassadors and how the O’Neill Online program has advanced their careers. 

Henry Carlson

MPA Candidate

Tuscon, Arizona

“This is a school that clearly cares about students like me; O’Neill Online understands the rigors of professional life for all its students.”

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Presley Franklin

MPA Candidate

Washington, D.C.

“The program administrators have built a program that meets me where I am without sacrificing academic rigor.”

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Garrett Sobalvarro

MPA Candidate

Highland Park, Illinois

“The level of professional experience in this program is very high and I have learned as much from my classmates as I have from the faculty.”

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Dawn Cooley

MPA Candidate

Louisville, Kentucky

“I am now excited to take these skills and use them to continue to make the world a better place.”

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Asia Newlin-Blackwell

MPA Candidate

Guatemala City, Guatemala

“This program has pushed me to be the best philanthropic professional possible and obtain the successful future I have dreamed about.”

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Alison Cassady

MPA Candidate

Washington, D.C.

“I appreciated that O’Neill Online offers professionals like me the opportunity to obtain course credit for their work experience.”

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Greg Fend

MPA Candidate


“The flexibility of the O’Neill Online program gives me the opportunity to handle a busy professional schedule.”

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Katherine-Elizabeth Armstrong

MPA Candidate

Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Students working from the far reaches of the planet bring unique and profoundly relevant experiences to the online classroom environment.”

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Stephanie Bockrath

MPA Candidate

Phoenix, Arizona

“I chose this program because of the high ranking among peer programs, the course offerings and the flexibility associated with the online format.”

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Mandy Brown

MPA Candidate

Palo Alto, California

“I was drawn to O’Neill Online Week because it allows me to interact with online classmates in person in a way that works for my schedule.”

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Zac Schneidt

MPA Candidate

Kailua, Hawaii

“The O’Neill Online program provides the academic perspective to the work I’m doing in my career. It teaches you the theory behind the models.”

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Leslie Finlay

MPA Candidate

Surat Thani, Thailand

“I needed a program that would deliver top-tier coursework while complementing my goals in the field.”

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